SARKAR Tamil Nadu Rights.

Another test for Vijay ahead of Sarkar. The TN rights of the movie stands at 81cr, which means it needs a break even gross of 147cr in TN! (Break even is a safe zone). I see most of us are in a bit of panic state, but also staying optimistic about movie doing it.
Absolutely WOM is going to be crucial and decide the movie's verdict. Sarkar will have 6 days weekend compared to Mersal's 5 days. This 6 days weekend* is a key.

We can do a small analysis here. First let me take Vijay's best and last release Mersal's opening weekend figures in TN,
5 days(appx) 23.5+18+11+13+14.5 = 78.7cr

Sarkar will have 6 days weekend and it needs to outperform Mersal on all 5 days.
We can only hope the WOM to come out positive. But there are few strategies we fans can map out to capitalize this weekend period.
Generally for the opening weekend of Vijay movies, it's fans who throng theatres. So during this period WOM comes only secondary.
Sarkar will have few advantages over Mersal like it will release in more screens because of it's distribution cost.

We work out 6 days figs: 26.5+19+13+13.5+14.5+15 = 101.5cr

- Fans need to watch multiple shows in opening weekend.
Taking an average time a Vijay fan watched Mersal as 2x during the opening weekend, this time we need to double it up to 4x or 3x at the least.

If Sarkar breaches that 100+ cr mark in opening weekend (6 days), then it would require another 47+ cr for break even status, which family audience will take care of even with average WOM over the course of 2 weeks.
These figures are only moderate and if the WOM is positive then it will do more than put here.
Let's hope for the best of WOM and also pursue our own strategy.
If VIJAY passes in this test then it should be officially declared that he is the biggest living superstar in South India.

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