Watch: Karan Johar talks about Vijay's 'Sarkar', says even people in Mumbai are not immune to this trending setting film

Vijay has had a phenomenal time in the professional front first with 'Mersal', then with 'Sarkar'. The AR Murugadoss directorial, in spite of drawing ire of the state government, is still raking in the moolah almost two weeks after its release. The flick is smashing box office records and Bollywood also has an eye on this Kollywood spectacle. 

Karan Johar, who is distributing the magnum opus '2.0' across the country is also aware of the phenomenon that is 'Sarkar'. In a video that is doing the rounds on Twitter, the filmmaker can be seen having a candid chat about the film. He says, "Suddenly, the other day everyone in my office talking like what is this film coming out, you know this big Tamil film that is releasing called Sarkar. And everyone's talking about it, I believe it was the most trending unit, it was number unit on YouTube, it had the maximum number of views."

Further talking about the film's craze, he added, "Now everyone sitting in an office in Andheri in Mumbai is talking about a film made out of Chennai called Sarkar with a superstar there." It is indeed true that the film from South has been getting more and more traction all across the country in recent years. What's more, Karan recognises the immense potential and market that they possess, as is evident with his distribution of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's '2.0'. 

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