Dale Steyn asked a harmless question on Twitter recently, but there’s no way he could’ve anticipated the aftermath of it.
Dale Steyn, on December 10, posted “What’s happening Twitter?” on his page, and Adichi Thooku was what happened. Ajith’s fans, who couldn’t contain their excitement about the release of Viswasam’s first single unleashed it on anyone and everyone on Twitter that day, and the South African fast bowler wasn’t spared either. The comment section of the post was filled with posters of #AdichiThooku posted by Ajith’s fans, with an equal number of Vijay’s fans trolling the same with a variety of memes. 
Unlike Dale Steyn’s usual posts that contain comments ranging from 5 - 50 in number, this one had an enormous 1500 comments, a vast majority of which were Adichi Thooku posters, and the counter memes
Well... Since Dale Steyn hasn’t reacted to the post yet, we assume he is in for a confusing surprise the next time he logs on to Twitter. 

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