Mersal Salary Issue - Magical Expert Phone Conversation

Vijay, Samantha, Nithya Menon, Kajal Agarwal, SJ Surya's last release of the movie 'Mercy' was released last year. This film, composed by AR Rahman, was produced by Sri Thendal Films.

Vijay, who played 3 characters in Merseyside, is a magic specialist in a role. In a scene they will be shot by a magic.

International Magic Expert Raman Sharma worked on magic-related scenarios including this fight. He has also released a video on his Twitter page that has made him pay more in 'Mersal'.

Teenandal Films made herself a screenshot of Whats-Up dialogue. His record was a major controversy on Twitter.

Yesterday Raman Sharma released a video on his Twitter page. There was a dialogue on his telephone with the Teenandal Films company. That conversation is as follows: -

Raman Sharma: On November 26th, you told me to give me money. Today is December 6.

Teenandal Films: Raman.

Teenandal Films: In the next couple of days. I'll definitely call you on the phone.

Raman Sharma: You know that I have been waiting for a long time. What is your responsibility in Teenandal Studios? Are you Murali's assistant?

Teenandal Films: I'm in the production.

Raman Sharma: Why can not you call me from the company?

Teenandal Films: You will get some more money in a few days.

Raman Sharma: Do you know that money is paid to many more?

Teenandalal Films: Everybody will pay.

Raman Sharma: I will wait two more days. If the money does not come I will post a video record.

Thus the telephone conversation is in place.

It seems that Raman Sharma has released this video in the frustration that she has not received more salary.

Vijay fans have been commenting on Teenandal Films Twitter page to complete this issue first. Mersel's film was a huge success and grossed over 100 billion worldwide. #Mersal #Vijay #ThenandalFilms #RamanSharma

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