By now it is clear that Thalapathy 63 will be a sports drama, directed by Atlee. Nayanthara is the lead heroine in this AGS production thereby marking her reunion with Vijay, 10 years after Villu. Vivek and Yogi Babu are the other noted actors while the rest of the cast details would be unveiled in the coming days.

It is heard that Vijay would be sporting a beefed-up, muscled look for this film, in contrast to his usual lean, mean look. The star would be going through special physical training and diets to look the part. Seeing a bigger and stronger Vijay on screen would be quite a revelation as the star has mostly maintained a slim look over all the past 25 years of his cinema career. It is good to see him push the limits now, despite being on top. It just shows his hunger to get better and better.

Atlee had said in recent interactions that Thalapathy 63 would be something never seen before and had asked fans to expect the unexpected. Vijay’s hunky, macho, sportsman look is most certainly going to surprise us, from the looks of it. The film will get into shoot mode in January 2019 and will be a Diwali release next year.

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